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Stephanie's Testimonial

I have been a boarder at Winnail Stables for 14 years. Prior to that I had been at various stables. John Winnail, the owner, is on premises everyday. He is an expert horseman and knows your horse. He is aware of what the horse is eating and drinking, he catches many situations before they become a problem. My veterinary bills declined under his care to the basic annual dental and vaccination expenses.

The riding facilities and footing is top notch. The indoor arena is large and the outdoor areas are the best. ‘Winnail Park’ is expertly maintained for our riding safety and enjoyment.

Safety for the boarders in the handling and riding of our horses is the number one priority at Winnail Stables. John Winnail's extensive knowledge of horses and their behavior is unmatched. There are not many horsemen anywhere who have the depth of knowledge John does. I have learned so much about horses that makes sense and works.

Stephanie ~ Omaha


Jessica Ridding on Flat Track Outdoor riding Arena 160 x 420
Iíve been riding at Winnail Stables for 30 years. The care my horses have received has been superior. Riding in the country is an endless joy for me.

Jessica M. ~ Elkhorn

John taught me to ride at age 7 - I've shown horses at the highest level including Quarter Horse Congress & Youth World. I still am riding a cutting horse and enjoy the relaxation of riding the trails at The Winnail Stables

Steven K. ~ Omaha

I have to say that donít think there could be a better place on Earth. Winnail Stables is the place where I keep Harvee. Mr. Winnail has been there through the good the bad and the in between. In my extremely unbiased opinion Winnail Stables is the best place in the whole wide, long and circular world.

Avery , age 13
~ Elkhorn

Chris ~ Omaha

My horses have been kept at Winnails for 25 years because I appreciate the professional and individualized care provided for each horse and the friendly congenial atmosphere for the owner.

Carol E. ~ Omaha